RSL brings you a selection of articles, news and analyses all about films based on (or inspired by) real life. By this, we mean films that aim to recreate a real event, or an episode out of the life of a real person.

We don’t cover documentaries or films that set an entirely original narrative against a historical backdrop.

Practically speaking, we hope to become a valuable resource for people interested in fact-based films, and we will do our best to provide interesting and informative content that all film fans can enjoy. However, we especially hope to appeal to all you screenwriters out there who would like to put history/real life on the screen. You’ll find our articles and analyses are slanted towards the screenwriter, and we include extra information – such as a series of lessons and a list of resources – to help you navigate your way through your own projects and make them as good as you want them to be.

Philosophically speaking, our aim is to become an oasis of calm in a chaotic world; somewhere you can drop by for an hour or so, read some articles, make a note of some films you’d like to (re)watch, check out some resources, and generally find out a little bit more about real life adaptations. We aim to explore lots of interesting issues surrounding these types of films in a way that’s detailed, but not too dry. It’s grown-up content written by adults for people who take their writing, if not themselves, seriously.

Commercially speaking, and in keeping with our ‘oasis of quiet’ aim, this is an ad-free site which contains no affiliate links or sponsored content. If we refer to a third-party service/resource it’s because we think it’s worth mentioning; not because we’re getting paid to do so. You’ll find this refrain scattered throughout the magazine, as we think it deserves repeating. Check out our full advertising policy via the drop-down menu above.

To conclude, RSL is NOT:

  • inaccessible – email us any time about anything and a real person will respond!
  • all over social media – but you can find us on Twitter where we’ll provide updates between issues
  • heavily connected to the film industry – if you want to sell your script and/or find guidance on breaking into Hollywood, there are plenty of sites better placed to help you!
  • able to cover everything – but each issue, you’ll find a selection of material and pointers to help you explore further, as well as key news and happenings
  • going to bug you incessantly if you give us your email – we may develop a newsletter in the future, which you’ll be able to opt out of
  • going to discriminate against you if you don’t subscribe – there’s no ‘premium version’ of RSL: all the content we publish is free for everyone
  • going to pass on your details so you get swamped with random spam – we hate that too!
  • open to articles from outside writers – sorry, but we’re committed to producing our own content and, as a non-profit enterprise, we don’t want to become another ‘write for us, but don’t expect to get paid’ site (there’s enough of those out there already)

So, welcome, feel free to look around and – for all you screenwriters out there who should be churning out words right now – enjoy a spot of guilt-free procrastination!