Issue 7: What’s New? (17 August)

No time to keep up-to-date? No problem. Every issue, RSL rounds-up relevant goings-on in the world of fact-based cinema. We start with the birth of a whole social movement…

One to watch!

StonewallDirected by Roland Emmerich, Stonewall dramatizes the 1969 Stonewall Riots, which sparked the gay rights movement in New York City. The title refers to the Stonewall Inn, a gathering place for the disenfranchised, which also became a target for law enforcement officers.

Even before its release, the film is courting controversy, with accusations that it ‘whitewashes’ history by omitting key figures from the black and Latino transgender communities. As reported in The Guardian, there is even an online petition, signed by over 13,000 signatories, attacking the director and calling for a public boycott of the film.

Stonewall is due out in the US on 25 September. Meanwhile, you can take a look at the trailer:

More trailers…

We start in Boston…a new trailer has been released for Black Mass. Johnny Depp stars as James ‘Whitey’ Bulger, godfather of the Irish Mob in 1970s Boston. It’s out in the US on 18 September and in the UK on 13 November.


We stay in Boston…with Spotlight, which tells the true story of how the Boston Globe uncovered child abuse within the local Catholic Archdiocese. The excellent cast includes Liev Schreiber, Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, John Slattery and Stanley Tucci. It’s out in the US on 6 November and in the UK on 29 January.


Now to Chile…Antonio Banderas, Juliette Binoche and Rodrigo Santoro star in The 33, a dramatization of the mine collapse that captured the media’s attention in 2010 as 33 miners were trapped underground for 69 days. It’s out in the US on 13 November, following a fitting premiere in Chile on 2 August.


We complete our world tour in Libya…13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi tells of the experiences of the security team on the ground during 2012’s Battle of Benghazi. Directed by Michael Bay, it’s based on Mitchell Zuckoff’s book, 13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi. The film is out in the US and UK on 15 January.


In the works: According to Variety, Peter Berg is in line to direct Boston Marathon bombing film, Patriots’ Day, which is based on the account of Boston Police commissioner, Ed Davis. Berg is no stranger to the fact-based film. His credits include 2013’s Lone Survivor, and he is currently working on Deepwater Horizon, a film about the oil rig that exploded, causing the worst oil spill in US history.

In the works: Screen Daily reports that filming has begun in London for 6 Days, an action thriller based on the events of April 1980 when armed gunmen stormed the Iranian Embassy and took 26 hostages. It stars Jamie Bell, Mark Strong and Abbie Cornish.

In the works: Variety reports that UFC fighter, Ronda Rousey, is to star in a film of her life. It will be based on her autobiography, My Fight/Your Fight.

In the works: According to The Hollywood Reporter, a movie about French economist, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, is in the works. Strauss-Kahn resigned as managing director of the International Monetary Fund in 2011 following allegations he had assaulted a hotel maid. The case later fell apart. Apparently the film will be a “comedic dramatization”.

History on screen: Deadline Hollywood reports that the Smithsonian Institution has signed a deal with Bungalow|Storied Media Group. The company will collect stories from the Smithsonian’s 19 museums, National Zoo, and nine research centers around the world for potential film development.

Out to rent/buy…

(17 August)
Rembrandt: This classic from 1936 stars Charles Laughton as the great Dutch painter.

(10 August)
Timbuktu: This Best Foreign Language Film nominee is based on the takeover of Mail in 2012.

Dark Horse: This tells the true story of a group of friends from a working men’s club in a former mining village in Wales who decide to breed a racehorse. Find it on the BFI Player.

When the Sky Falls: Released in 2000, Joan Allen stars in this fictionalized account of the events which lead to the 1996 murder of Irish journalist, Veronica Guerin.

(11 August)
Hellfighters: John Wayne stars in this tribute to oil field firefighting legend Red Adair.

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(Image: “A stack of newspapers” by Daniel R. Blume)